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Supporting beams

Supporting beams are important structural elements in undertrack pool covers which allow to keep the pool cover in place. Four types of supporting beams are available on the market: 

Standard beams: Standard beams are made of superior-quality stainless steel in order to assure a longer lifespan. They are available in standard sizes and can be cut to the desired length. 

Coated beams: Coated beams are coated with a rubber protective layer in order to prevent rusting and increase their durability. They are also available in standard sizes and can be cut to the desired length. 

80 mm beams: 80 mm beams are wider than standard and coated beams, which make them more stable and more resistant. They are particularly appropriate for larger pool covers. 

Anodised beams : Anodised beams have been treated in order to increase their resistance to rust and weather damage. They are available in a variety of colours allowing them to be adapted to the surrounding environment of the pool. 

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