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Opaques slats

Sofatec’s opaque slats comply with standard NF P90-308. They are 83 mm wide, 17 mm high, and weigh approximately 4 kg/m2. Our patented fixed or adjustable caps are delivered with wall-mounted fastening buckles and fastening straps (which come in white, sand or grey colour options). Slats are delivered in sets of 6 for a minimum pool width of 2.20 m, in accordance with LNE standards.

Compatible with

  • New pools
  • Existing pools

Pro tip

Excellent option for owners who want to increase the energy efficiency of their pool, protect it against the weather and secure it.


Les lames opaques dans ses moindres détails

Retrouvez toutes les caractéristiques en détails de nos lames en cliquant sur l’image à droite.

Éclairage LED
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Profitez d'une ambiance nocturne chaleureuse grâce aux LEDs présentent sur tous les modèles (sauf solaire). Vous pouvez ajouter l'option LED côté opposé au moteur, en passant par un câble côté terrasse pour alimenter le pied.
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Long lasting

Your Sofatec pool cover accompanies you over the long term


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Materials that are carefully selected form our suppliers

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