Bali pool cover

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BALI Pool Cover

Our Bali model comes with a contemporary designer look while also making sure that your pool remains safe. This on-deck cover with customisable designer base stands can seamlessly adapt to your surrounding outdoor space. Thanks to its integrated LED* system, it offers a warm and pleasant ambiance at night.

*LED lights on the engine side

This automatic on-deck pool cover can protect pools measuring up to 6.00 x 12.00 m. It comes with an engine that can be equipped with either an electronic or mechanical stop, and can be unfurled manually in the event of a power outage in order to ensure pool safety.

A solar version of the Bali model is also available. It uses solar power to feed the engine, making it more environmentally friendly and reducing your electricity bill.

The Bali model is simple and easy to install. It comes with a light grey stand and interchangeable white, light grey, grey or sand-coloured cladding, as well as integrated LED lighting. The slats for this model come in white, sand, light grey or dark grey colour options. We do not recommend using polycarbonate slats with any of our on-deck cover reels.

Maximum dimensions: 6 m x 12 m

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Compatible with

  • New pools
  • Existing pools

Pro tip

You can add the LED lighting option on the side opposite the engine by installing wiring on the patio side to power the stand.

Type of engine

  • Mechanical stop
  • Electronic stop (with or without a stop)
  • New: solar option


The BALI furling down to the smallest detail

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LED lighting
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Enjoy a warm night atmosphere thanks to the LEDs present on all models (except solar). You can add the LED option on the opposite side of the motor, using a cable on the terrace side to power the base.
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